We don’t like racism either. It’s wrong. People should not judge others based on the color of their skin, their religion or their ethnic background. We should do everything possible to get rid of racism and strive to build a society of racial unity and peace–finding paths of empowerment and equality for all people–especially those who are minorities or members of a racial underclass.

When it comes to black Americans we feel especially strongly that they have had a terrible history of oppression, injustice, racial prejudice and even being killed because of their race. 
That’s one of the reasons we’re opposed to abortion–because a silent racial holocaust is going on in America in which more black unborn babies are killed than any other race (by ratio of abortions to live births–black women are more than three times as likely as white women to have an abortion and hispanic women roughly twice as likely) 
We can’t understand why a black politician would be in favor of a cruel medical procedure which eliminates ever increasing numbers of black children. This seems like racism and eugenics to us, and we remember that Margaret Sanger–the founder of Planned Parenthood–had exactly this in mind when she set up her murderous organization.
We understand that many black women in crisis pregnancies need help. We’re in favor of offering more and more ways to help them keep their children and give them a chance to live and thrive in America, but before they can live and thrive…they have to survive.