Here’s another thing we’re against: we’re against cruelty to animals. Yes, we think that animals are God’s creatures too. They were created to be our pets and our providers and our companions in life. We were created to be their stewards and overseers, and that we should treat all God’s creatures with compassion and kindness. We like St Francis and the stories of him preaching to the birds and converting the wolf of Gubbio.

However, we also think human beings are more important than animals. While it’s a terrible thing to club a baby seal to death, we think it is actually a more merciful way to die than partial birth abortion in which a human baby about to be born is, instead, delivered feet first, has a scissors rammed into its skull, then has his brains sucked out. We also think its worse for a baby who is born alive after a botched abortion to be smothered or left on a cold steel table in an abortuary to die. We also think it is worse for an unborn baby to be poisoned in the womb, cut up into little pieces and sucked out of his mother’s body by a medical vaccuum cleaner.

“But you only use the most terrible examples!” the abortionists cry “Most abortions take place before six weeks when the result of conception is only a collection of cells.”

But is not every human being ‘a collection of cells’?