Every October I have put myself and you through the ordeal of a membership drive, and since saturnos have been so much in the news these days I thought I’d name the membership drive “Pass the Saturno.”

I’ll be featuring all your favorite saturno pictures and passing my saturno for your donations and registrations–inviting you to become Donor Subscribers of the blog.


First of all, why should you become one of my Donor Subscribers? Because this blog is free from all third party ads. You don’t have to put up with annoying pop ups, ads for men’s underpants, luxury SUVs for seniors or those awful but irresistible ads that lure you to see what your favorite character from Gilligan’s Island looks like now or tempt you to ogle celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

If you like those kind of sites there are plenty of other place to link to them!

But not here. Here you will just get the Catholic faith presented (I hope) in an informative, positive and entertaining manner.

Did you know some of the online Catholic evangelists, preachers and apologists have big organizations behind them? They’ve got Board of Directors with deep pockets, fund raising teams, marketing folks, editors, writers and full time techies all making their sites work.

Not me. It is as it has always been–just me and my laptop, taking time out from being a parish priest to blog and make podcasts.

The podcasts and blog posts are all free, but they’re not free to produce. There are design and development costs for the blog. (I work with the excellent John Flynn of Kickstart Media by the way) There are software subscription fees, costs of promotion, postage, maintenance and updates.

Over the next year I’m planning to branch out into an exciting new direction with my podcasts. I’m hoping to produce a weekly serialized fiction podcast called Renegade Priest. It’s the story of Fr Max Fisher–a priest who falls on the wrong side of the Church hierarchy. Stay tuned!

I’m also hoping to branch out into video with video content here on the blog and through the Formed program and on YouTube. To do this right I’ll need to invest in a producer–somebody who can record and edit the video so it looks and sounds good.

Your monthly subscription will help me expand and grow this work.

So if you enjoy reading the blog and listening to the podcasts, please consider becoming a Donor Subscriber. There are five different levels of support each with unique benefits.  You can learn about them here. Most people sign up at the “Premier” level of $10.95 a month. That works out at less than $2.75 a week or less than 40 cents a day.

If you are already a Donor Subscriber at the original level of $8.95 or $4.95 I invite you to upgrade your membership. To do that just send me an email at dlongenecker1@gmail.com asking me to cancel your subscription. I’ll delete your membership and then you can register again at your new level through the Subscribe page.

HERE’S THE SPECIAL OFFER: Anybody who signs up (or upgrades) to the Premier level (or higher) during the month of October can request any one of my books as a free gift. After you’ve registered here  just check out my online bookstore then shoot me an email at dlongenecker1@gmail.com and let me know which book you would like. I’ll put it in the mail to you with a big thank you!

PS: Maybe you can’t afford to sign up for a monthly subscription, but you’d still like to help fill the saturno. If you can make a donation to the costs of the blog just go to the right sidebar and use the red “Donate” button. Thanks!