This report tells us how zealously ‘good Catholic mother and grandmother’ Nancy Pelosi wants to fund contraception and abortion in order to help the economy. How dumb is that? In the meantime here’s a report from Japan about a company giving their employees time off to go home and make babies instead of computer printers.

The culture of death people seem blind to the real facts regarding population in the developing countries. In most European countries as well as Japan, the birth rate is below replacement levels. Even in the USA the rate is not as high as it should be. Not only is this low birth rate going to cause huge economic problems with no one to support an aging population, but with the death of a new generation will go the death of a culture.

Furthermore, what would stimulate the economy more than another baby boom? The biggest blips in economic development over the last fifty or sixty years has followed the boomers. A larger population not only produces more production of goods and services, but also produces the demand for those goods and services.

Yet Nancy Pelosi and her dinosaur friends want more contraception and abortion? Who was it who gave the famous definition of insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Killing babies and having neat little one boy one girl families might bring short term prosperity, but it brings long term poverty and cultural suicide.