The latest press release from the Vatican pictures the meeting of Pope Pelosi with the aging German theologian Joseph Ratzinger.

Pope Pelosi said of their meeting, “He is a very sweet man, who has done a lot to stop global warming. This is why he always wears white clothes–to show solidarity with the polar bears who, as my friend, Archbishop Al Gore says, are all dying because the snow is melting. He has also been a very good person because he helps the poor and I believe he also plays the piano…I think he may also have written some books. But I have not read them. Anyway, we had a nice time together and I told him how much I liked visiting Bavaria once and eating Black Forest Cake.”
Fr. Ratzinger commented, “I vish I could lock zat voman and Bishop Villiamson in ze same room and throw avay ze key.”
(picture the work of master Vincenzo)