Episcopal bishop Clarence Pope became a Catholic in 1994 then went back to the Episcopal Church. The Holy Whappers report his reversion to Catholicism here.

The question of Anglican clergymen coming over to Rome and then going back to Anglicanism was one we faced from time to time in England working with the St Barnabas Society. There weren’t many who did this, but among those who did we found that most had come into the Catholic Church for the wrong reasons in the first place. Maybe they came in because they disliked women priests (or maybe just disliked women altogether) if so, they soon became disenchanted with Catholicism.

They found felt banners, dreary brick flying saucer churches, kumbayah and sloppy liturgy, were revolted and hopped back across the Tiber to the CofE.

Others sacrificed much to leave the Anglican Church only to be met with a cold shoulder in their new Catholic Diocese. Some bishops rejected men because they were ‘too traditional’, and without really getting to know them at all assumed that the Anglican converts had to be dangerous conservatives. The men were marginalized, ignored and treated like outcasts. Geesh! the stories I could tell you!

It took great fortitude for such men to put up with both personal rejection and a rejection of their call to priesthood. Many did, and did so with great humility and dignity. Others did not and went back to the Anglican Church. It’s sad that some flip flopped back to Anglicanism, but it is understandable.