I have deleted a long comment by my friend Jamie Bogle defending the Extraordinary Form of Mass–the Mass of Blessed John XXIII.

I have done so for several reasons. First of all, comment boxes are for just that: comments. They are not the places to conduct long online debates. The place to do this online is in a chat forum. To leave long arguments in comboxes is internet bad manners. If you have a point to make start your own blog. The reason long arguments for single causes in other people’s blogs is bad manners is because you are using their soapbox not your own. It is also bad manners in the way that it is bad manners to go on and on and on about your particular passion at a dinner party. It’s boring and rude to others.

Jamie complained that I had deleted his comments in an earlier thread on the Latin Mass. They were deleted for the same reason. Not because they were badly argued or because I refused to agree with the arguments, but simply because they were too long for a comment box.

Jamie was also unhappy that I stopped the debate on my blog about the Latin Mass with a simple summary of the arguments and an expression of my own about what I appreciated about the Ordinary Form of the Mass. I was charged with censorship and quashing freedom of expression.

I’ve got not problems with those who like the Latin Mass, and wish them and their cause every blessing. Jamie’s got some great facts and arguments to make for his side, and if any readers would like to read them I encourage you to read Jamie’s blog. It’s called Roman Christendom. I checked it out last night, but can’t seem to track it down this morning to provide a link.

If it re-appears in the blogosphere I’ll call it to your attention.

Update: I made a mistake. The blog ‘Roman Christendom’ sounds like Jamie Bogle, even to the extent that some of the content is the same as the comments he has posted on my blog. But don’t be mistaken. This anonymous blog is not by Jamie Bogle. It is by his ‘friend’.

I’ve deleted two more comments on this post from Jamie as their tone was insulting, and arrogant. I’m trying real hard to remain objective, cheerful and positive in the face of attacks that are senseless and weird. Despite my attempts to give those who argue for the Extraordinary Mass of Blessed John XXIII the benefit of the doubt I keep getting long rants posted on my blog. This is all the more strange, because in the larger perspective the attacks are by people who are on the same side as me.

My advice is this: if you really have nothing better to do, and are genuinely interested to read Jamie’s attacks on me personally, and all the arguments in support of the Latin Mass check out Jamie’s friend’s blog: http://romanchristendom.blogspot.com