Peter Reith gives his uncompromising opinion here at Imaginative Conservative.

He likes Trump and think the POTUS has put those snobbish, left wing Europeans in their place.


I viewed the President’s trip differently. For me his talks with NATO allies was overshadowed by the religious element to his trip.

In his first trip abroad he visited the home base of the Muslim religion, the home base of the Jewish religion and the home base of the Christian religion.

Why did he do that? Was it simply an effort to build Middle East peace, do some business with the Saudis and pay an obligatory trip to the Vatican for public relations reasons?

Maybe something else is cooking. Maybe some of the people in the know are finally getting their heads around the idea that religion matters–and that the majority of the world’s population are more motivated by their religion than their politics.

If this is the case, then the President’s visit to the  home base of the three major world religions might be the  most significant part of his journey.

Time will tell, but if that aspect of his trip could be built on, then it might just be possible to use the religious contacts to work on genuine peace.

That was his tweet as he left the Vatican–that he was determined to work for peace.

Could the big businessman make progress in that direction? Maybe just maybe he could use the force and efficiency of business to make some steps forward.

I’m not a Trump fan, but I’m willing to watch and wait and give anybody the benefit of the doubt.