I’ve uploaded three new posts in the Archived Articles section today.

Red, White and Boo! – Propaganda, Protest and Patriotism is posted in the Film and Television section and is a review of how Americans portray their own history in film–some good, some bad, some ugly.

Understanding Anglicanism is published in the Apologetics section and is an article that discusses the complexities of the Anglican religion and touches on my own journey through Anglicanism home to Rome

How to Be an Ordinary Hero – Introduction – This is a new feature for Donor Subscribers. Before I was ordained as a Catholic priest I ran my own business training company called “Working Hero” which applied the Hero’s Quest pattern to the challenges of change in business and in personal lives. To illustrate the hero’s quest in an easy way I wrote a little book called How to Be an Ordinary Hero. The book is now sold out. I’m planning a new edition, but in the meantime, I’m offering it chapter by chapter here on the blog to Donor Subscribers. Eventually all ten chapters will be available here on the Ordinary Hero section of the blog.

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