Did you know today is National Puzzle Day?

During the Pandemic Lockdown we were all stuck at home and like many folks, we dug out the jigsaw puzzles and worked on them as a family. The rest of the population must have been doing likewise because, when I went online to order some more jigsaw puzzles the suppliers were sold out.

Doing the jigsaws became a regular hobby from that point–and was a lot better the slouching on the couch binge watching some mediocre TV show.

I enjoyed doing jigsaws made from famous artworks–preferably of Catholic art, but when we received one of the Sistine chapel ceiling I was stumped. I gave it to a friend who said she was never beaten by a jigsaw. She completed it, but admitted it was off the charts for difficulty.

I was pleased therefore to see that Sophia Institute Press have come out with a Rosary series of jigsaws.

The five puzzles  feature beautiful sacred art from some of the greatest artists of all time, including Fra Angelico, Domenico Ghirandaio, and Giovanni Penni. Each image depicts one of the joyful mysteries of the rosary. I received the puzzles last week and immedately opened the Annunciation puzzle (the Fra Angelico illustrating this post) they’re great. Each one is a full 1,000-piece puzzle–difficult enough to be challenging. Easy enough to be fun.

Is it do a puzzle while praying? I couldn’t say, but it is certainly possible to pray while doing a puzzle–especially if it is one of these joyful mystery puzzles.

Check them out here! They’re available individually or in a 5 puzzle pack.