I have been uploading articles I have written for various sources to the Archived Articles section of the blog four at a time. However, with the new “What’s New for Donor Subscribers” feature on the website homepage, it is easier to load two at a time.

So I plan to upload more fewer, but more frequently.

I’ll post links to them here so we can share more easily, but Donor Subscribers can also see the newest stuff behind the paywall just by glancing down a bit further.

The two articles today are from the Liturgy section and the Inkling and Friends section:

Redeeming the Time – Outlines why we observe the liturgical year, what it means and how it can have more meaning in our worship.

Confessions of an Anglophile – tells how I got the English bug, went to England and stayed there for 25 years.

The last few tweaks are being taken care of on the website’s new facelift. The new features are much more easily available and I think you’re going to like how it all works.

As soon as everything is fixed I’m going to launch my annual October membership drive. There will be special offers for new Donor Subscribers during October and special goodies for folks who upgrade. Stay tuned!