Distinguished English film critic, Dickie Williamson (not to be confused with the SSPX bishop with a similar name) has published another stunning film review. The Cambridge grad and connoisseur of ecclesiastical fancy dress has this to say about Stephen Spielberg’s famous Schindler’s List:

“My Dear people, benefactors and friends. It is tempting when looking for a serious family film entertainment (either on digitally ‘versatile’ disc or video-tape) to consider a cinematic offering that is historical and inspirational. A ‘friend’ might innocently recommend the film Schindler’s List by the descendent of a survivor of the so-called ‘holocaust’ Stephen Spielberg. It should be obvious that this film is not suitable for family entertainment, and neither is this person a true friend.

Like the Sound of Music it presents a totally false view of the difficult times we refer to as the Second World War. Allow me, for a moment, to discuss this film and thus expose it’s faults. It seems at first to be a serious treatment of a serious subject. The hero, a factory owner named Oskar Schindler, is at first a totally harmless entrepreneur. He is a capitalist and knows how to make a profit, and there is nothing wrong with that. He is also a knowledgeable man of the world. He is, as our Lord has advised, ‘wise as a serpent’. Schindler fits in well with his superiors, and knows how to offer an honest man a job and reward him well. So far no problems.

Then this Schindler (who is portrayed as the hero of the tale) starts to do dishonest things. He disobeys the rightful authority in his native Germany and plots to kidnap Jewish people who are simply trying to earn a living doing an honest hard days’ work. He neglects the patriotic and inspiring motto, “Work shall Make You Free” and takes them away to a factory where they do next to nothing. Before long they are sabotaging their own country’s efforts to repel an invading enemy force.

The film gets worse. Before we know it we are being taken into a total fairyland of unreality. The historical errors this film portrays are mind boggling in the extreme. The trains that took the workers to a well earned vacation at a holiday camp are shown to be cattle cars. The hardworking and happy people are shown being unloaded at a ‘concentration camp’ where the loyal, patriotic (and handsome) German soldiers are portrayed as villains. Most ludicrous of all, the Jewish people are shown being herded into gas chambers and being killed. 

It is easy to dismiss this with simple logic. Why would the Germans use perfectly good cattle cars for transporting humans? What did they do with the cattle? Are we supposed to imagine that they put the cattle into first class accommodation? Also there is not a scrap of evidence to prove that Jewish people went into gas chambers. Why would the Germans want to kill millions of people who were working so hard for them? Is this the sort of make believe you want your children to see? I think not.

We must not be surprised that a Jewish person has produced this film and that it has won awards and been praised by the Jewish controlled media men in Hollywood. Their whole plan from the beginning was to attack the Catholic Church and bring down a Catholic culture, and through films like this they portray good, well disciplined people in uniforms as villains and a shifty, disloyal and deceitful man like Oskar Schindler as a hero.

No, this film will rot the very souls and minds of our young people. Steer clear of it my dear people! 

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