You can bet on it.

Satan always overplays his hand. He always pushes it just a little too far, then his mask slips, his cover is blown, his disguise fails and we see him for who he is.

You see, Satan always smiles before he snarls. He dresses everything up in such a pretty fashion. The poison cake always has icing and a cherry on top.

He overdoes it because he is like an aging ham actor who overacts. He loves the limelight. He wants to push on and win a total victory, and when he does he reveals who he really is and what he is really up to and suddenly people see the light.

This is what happened with the fascists and communists. Satan had them selling everyone a bill of goods. They were going to build a great utopia. It was going to be the worker’s paradise. The big posters of happy people said it all. The trains were going to run on time. The economy would be booming. A chicken in every pot and a roof over everyone’s head. They were going to build the brave new world.

Then Satan pushed the program and the people began to disappear and the boys came home in body bags and the detention camps were built and then the gas chambers, the starvation, the crematoria, the mass imprisonment and the genocide.

Satan always overplays his hand. He can’t resist it because of his pride. He simply can’t resist it.

But when he overplays his hand he is always defeated. In that act of pride is his downfall.

When he does, many people who were fooled finally open their eyes and say, “This must be resisted! This is evil! How did we fall for this lie!”

This is what is happening now in the abortion debate. The pro abortion propagandists are suddenly being revealed for who they are, except that it is not so sudden. It has been building. With advances in medical science, with advances in social media, with advances in pro life communications the message is getting through.

Those videos of Planned Parenthood people selling baby body parts? You thought they did not have enough impact. They did have impact. They were part of a larger plan of exposure orchestrated not by individuals, but by a greater power. The virulent, violent and bloodthirsty campaign of the the Democrat politicians to legalize partial birth abortion and the slide into infanticide?

The devil has overplayed his hand. The Democrat party has blood on their hands and this is not going to go away. They are now the infanticide party, and America and the world has finally seen the crime of abortion for what it is.

The most amazingly crazy thing in all this is that when the devil does overplay his hand–as he always does–those who are enslaved by him are unable to see it. They really are blind to it.

This is why the communists and fascists continued with their insane and diabolical programs even when everybody else could see that they were doomed, that their world was crashing around them and they had failed. Like their Father–the Father of Lies–they still believed their lies and they would not change because they could not change.

I do not suppose that the war over abortion will end happily any time soon, but the tide is turning. What we should always remember is that this is not simply about banning abortion. If the crime of abortion is to end then our society will need to return to Christian morality. Abortion is simply one of the poisonous fruits of the sexual revolution, and dealing with that huge cultural phenomenon is an even bigger and more horrible dragon what needs slaying.