Beheading Hydra

Beheading Hydra


Here are sixteen disguises of atheism in our society today. Learn what they are and what to do about it.



In Beheadiing Hydra- A Radical Plan for Christians in an Atheistic Age  Fr Longenecker explains and analyzes sixteen poisonous “isms” that plague modern society. Each one is like a venomous head of the mythical monster the Hydra. In the second half the author gives practical advice on how to live a life that wins the victory over the beast of atheism.

Joseph Pearce writes,

Father Dwight Longenecker never ceases to astonish me. He sees the culture of death with lucidity, shining the light of Christ on its darkness. Who else could connect sin and Sinatra, Disneyworld with Aldous Huxley, prophecy with Puddleglum, and barbarism with Barbie dolls? In a world lulled to sleep by the wicked witch of the decadent west, Father Longenecker wakens us with the of the fire of faith, vivid writing and a fertile imagination. — Joseph Pearce, biographer and editor of the St Austin Review.

Robert Royal writes,

Father Longenecker has long been one of the clearest contemporary commentators on our current crisis. In this incisive and readable volume, he not only takes us through the new forms that the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, have assumed in our times. Even more importantly, he provides strong, practical suggestions for fighting and winning the perennial battle with evil.


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