Immortal Combat


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Be forewarned: this book calls you to sanctity and is not for wimps. For sanctity is impossible apart from heroic virtue, and heroic virtue is impossible apart from spiritual warfare. As Fr. Longenecker puts it, “Find a saint, and you’ll find a warrior.”

These pages are a mighty guidebook for souls hungry to follow the way of the Christian warrior by taking up their crosses and following into immortal combat the King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, our Lord.



Today, far too many leading Christians water down the robust teachings of our Faith. Ignoring Christ’s clear example and constant demand that we boldly confront evils, they preach an amicable, nonconfrontational, feel-good gospel. Instead of teaching the faithful to edify and enjoin the wayward, they urge them to pacify and submit . . . with catastrophic results personally, for the Church, and for society at large.

Now comes Fr. Dwight Longenecker with this potent book that shows how, by engaging in the lost art of spiritual warfare, good Christians can cure this trend and repair the extensive damage it has caused.

Here, without fear or favor, Longenecker maps out the myriad places where evil lurks in our world, shines a light on its many faces, and details the countless clever tricks it uses to hide. He delineates ten sturdy principles that must motivate all Christian warriors who hope to expunge evil and stop it from returning. And finally, he explains in fascinating detail the art of immortal combat, showing how self-sacrifice and contemplation of the Cross can bring victory over any evil, no matter how hidden or how grave.

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1 review for Immortal Combat

  1. Susan Foster

    What an epic book. At times, Fr Longenecker uses imagery from classic mythology, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars to describe Satan’s influence on humanity, and Jesus Christ’s mission to save us. There’s no ponderous or confusing theological verbiage to wade through here. There are passages which—if you’re honest—will smack you in the face, as you will recognize yourself in some of the sins Fr Longenecker describes. You will certainly recognize our decadent modern society as well. A quick read; I will read it again very soon and highlight some sections that are particularly relevant to my life. I also plan to buy copies to give to family and friends. Thank you, Fr Longenecker, for a timely, fascinating and Spirit-filled book.

    • Dwight Longenecker

      Thanks for such a glowing review! It would help a lot if you could take the time to publish it on the book’s Amazon webpage! Thanks

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