Catholicism Pure and Simple

Catholicism Pure and Simple


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“Father Dwight Longenecker does for Catholicism what C. S. Lewis did for “mere Christianity”. Those looking for the way home by taking the path to Rome will find this book an excellent and reliable guide for the journey.” —

— Joseph Pearce–author of C.S.Lewis and the Catholic Church

“Convert Father Dwight makes a powerfully “pure and simple” presentation of the Catholic faith. From fundamentalist Protestant to Anglican to Catholic; from America to England and back again; he asked difficult questions, and in this fine text, he successfully presents the answers that helped him make his journey home.”


— Marcus Grodi, host EWTN’s Journey’s Home, author How Firm a Foundation and Pillar and Bulwark

Available in hard copy for $15.95 or as an e-book. Price $7.99. For e-book go here.


Catholicism Pure and Simple begins with arguments for the existence of God and moves through the story of Jesus Christ, nurse explains the work of the Holy Spirit and moves on to discuss the church, order sacraments prayer and the Catholic life.

Catholicism Pure and Simple is written in a straightforward style without complicated theological references, liturgical terms or high brow cultural or historical terminology. Excellent as a text book for confirmation candidates, RCIA members and all those searching for a beginners understanding of the Catholic faith.

Available in hard copy for $18.95 or as an e-book. Price $7.99. For e-book go here.


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  1. Brandon Vogt

    People love C.S. Lewis for many reasons, but perhaps none more than his remarkable clarity. Despite being an Oxford Don and a world-class literary scholar, Lewis’ writings were unpretentious. He wrote about heavy topics like theology, evil, heaven, hell, suffering, and prayer, yet refused to use long words and abstract theories. He rejected the idea that one must be complex to be profound.

    Fr. Dwight Longenecker, who studied at Lewis’ alma mater, is cut from the same mold. He’s a talented writer and thinker, but his main gift is bringing lofty spiritual concepts down to earth. In his newest book, “Catholicism Pure and Simple” (Stauffer Books, paperback, 264 pages), he applies this gift to a wide overview of the Catholic faith.

    Taking readers on a journey all the way from the existence of God to the realities of heaven and hell, he avoids complicated theology, hi-brow references, and confusing arguments. He uses simple language to explain the basics to skeptics, doubters, and fledglings alike. Yet like Lewis, Fr. Longenecker remains simple without being simplistic.

    Each chapter is also broken down into small blog-post sized chunks. That makes it perfect for light devotional reading, or the kind of fun book you can pick up on a whim and read for a few minutes.

    If you’re looking for something to give to your teenager, college-student, RCIA candidate, or Catholic friend who wants to learn more about her faith, I highly recommend “Catholicism Pure and Simple.”

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