Our Lady?

Our Lady?


Dwight Longenecker and David Gustafson–who were classmates at Bob Jones University–debate the role of the Virgin Mary in God’s plan of redemption.

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Dwight Longenecker and David Gustafson were classmates at Bob Jones University. David went on to become a federal judge. Dwight became a Catholic priest. They began a theological discussion by email and decided it would make a good book.

Our Lady? is the result. With forewords by Catholic Answers’ Karl Keating and former Evangelical theologian Francis Beckwith, this book is a congenial discussion between two Christian brothers and friends more than an aggressive debate.

Peter Kreeft wrote about Our Lady?

“There is simply no other book in print that explores this most immovable impasse between Protestants and Catholics in a way that both uncompromising Evangelicals and Catholics can wholly applaud. Clear, honest, mutually respectful uncompromising and illuminating.”

From Karl Keating’s foreword:

In this book the contention is good-natured, even winsome. The writers are frank with one another and with their readers. They acknowledge their own re-thinkings, their own unsureness, their own strong attachments to the Christian faith. In many things they are in full agreement; in many not. Even with respect to Mary they agree on much, but their disagreements are many and are not trivial. Each represents his position well and cordially. These are men you would be willing to take a transcontinental road trip with, with no fear of boredom or claustrophobic annoyance.



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