This important six session course looks at the last 500 years of history, connecting all the dots: philosophy, theology, politics, technology and the church. The aim is to explain how we got to where we are in the church and society, what to do about it and what the future might hold.

  • Session One – Background and foundation for the course, looking at the philosophical and cultural worldview leading up to the end of the Middle Ages
  • Session Two – The momentous events of the Protestant Revolution in the sixteenth century and how Luther’s revolt led to war, upheaval and further revolution
  • Session Three – The seventeenth century saw the thirty years war, further revolution in Protestant England and the rise of rationalism
  • Session Four – The Catholic Church deals with the Age of Reason, the French and American Revolutions and the rise of science
  • Session Five – The nineteenth century sees the church deal with the Industrial Revolution, huge social change and the challenge of Utilitarianism, Nihilism and in the church the threat of liberalism.
  • Session Six – With the prophecies of Fatima and the destructive forces of modernism, the Catholic Church deals with two world wars and the terrible events of the twentieth century. The session ends by looking at events in the postwar period and leading to the present challenges.