Video Course: The Way of St Benedict

Video Course: The Way of St Benedict


This course – The Way of St Benedict is the course I taught at Avila Institute – St Benedict and St Therese. Most of the content focuses on St Benedict, but we wove in St Therese in connection with my book St Benedict and St Therese – The Little Rule and the Little Way.

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In this course there are six sessions. Each session is split into two 45 minute segments. So lots of content!

That’s why the cost is more than the other courses which are only 45 minutes each.

Session One – The history of Monasticism in the Church leading up to St Benedict in the sixth century

Session Two – The Life and Times of St Therese and how her life and Little Way connects with St Benedict

Session Three – The life and times of St Benedict and an introduction to his famous Rule

Session Four – A focus on Benedict’s three vows and three rules and how they are woven together into a spiritual path

Session Five – A history of Benedictine saints, What is a Saint? and Benedict’s teaching on humility

Session Six – Monastic Life today and a look at The Benedict Option – How to live and apply Benedict’s rule today.


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