The Vicar of Great Snoring

The Vicar of Great Snoring

On his blog Fr Longenecker has a host of “guest bloggers”. These alter egos are a range of eccentric and hilarious characters who liven up the blog and always reveal wise and witty aspects of the Catholic faith.

The Rev’d Humphrey Blytherington is one of these alter egos. A bumbling Anglican country vicar–he is a lovable nitwit who always seems to get the wrong end of the stick.

The Vicar of Great Snoring is a full length short story available as an e-book here for $2.99 on Kindle.



With his formidable wife Daphne at his side, English country vicar, Humphrey Blytherington, bumbles through village life, confounding the critics, making unlikely friends and unexpected enemies before triumphing against all odds.

In the Humphrey Blytherington stories the wacky wit of Wodehouse and the anarchic satire of Tom Sharpe jostles with the arcane machinations of the Church of England.

“A rollicking romp through Church of England village life. Humphrey Blytherington is a hoot!”

Go here to buy this e-book. Just $2.99


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