Now listen here and stop your constant chitter chatter and if you don’t you know what “ruler” means. It means Sister is the ruler and you obey the ruler or you get the ruler….

Here is why I want you to sign up for Father Longenecker’s blog. Because you oughta and because I say you oughta. Haven’t you heard about the authority of the Catholic Church? That authority is looking at you sweet child.

Now this blog he has here is worth a read and its worth your support and furthermore, the good father is not going to be pestering you after this month of October. He’s running a membership drive don’t you see and he’s not doing it again for another six months.

If you sign up you get to read more posts of his which are worth reading I can tell you. You also get discounts on all his books and you can comment with other folks who are subscribers and he’s going to be doing podcasts and so forth in the near future so don’t miss it.

Oh, and listen to sister. He’s also offering every third new subscriber a free book from his bookstore. So don’t delay. Get over there and subscribe. Quick now or its the ruler on the back of your hands or the back of beyond–whichever I get to first.