Wife, mother, widow, third order Franciscan–she gave her life helping the poor and needy–a Mother Teresa of her day.

When we remember saints like her we have to ask ourselves what we have done for the poor. The most troubling gospel passage for me is the judgment of the sheep and goats. 
If we have helped one of the least of these we have helped Christ. If we have not, we have neglected Christ.
“Give to all who ask of you.” I once knew a woman who kept a bag of nickels in her purse. She was poor herself, but whenever she saw a homeless person she gave them a nickel and said, “I’m sorry I don’t have more to give you, but I give to everyone who is in need, and there are so many of you.”
As the financial crunch starts, remember the poor. Don’t worry about your own needs. Give to those who are worse off. God will provide if we are generous.