On the first of May all the students of St Joseph’s Catholic School (where I serve as chaplain) have the day off to go out in the community to do charitable service.
It was great to see 460 kids gather with their household to head out in convoy across the town. They were involved in house fix up for the poor, working with homeless shelters, centers for disabled children, community clean up, and a whole range of other activities.
Most groups don’t do more than a few hours’ work, but it is a valuable part of their education at St Joseph’s to realize that the whole reason for their education there is to embark on a life of service.
This should be one of the distinctives of a Catholic education: Through their education in Catholic School students should become aware of the necessity of service, and then begin to seek their vocation in life. We try to open their eyes at Middle school and high school level to the fact that with a vocation life has meaning and direction.
Without a vocation what will you do with your life? Make money? You sad, sad person…:-)