One of the features of my blog is the archived articles section. This is where I post articles that have been written for other websites, magazines and journals. I haven’s posted more of these for some time because my writing was slowed down due to the stroke I suffered in January. Also, i have been writing some fiction and now that I have completed the novel I am getting down to providing more content for the blog again.

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I have uploaded four new posts in the Archives today:

Ladies of the Knight – is in the Film and Television section and contrasts the treatment of female characters in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

Life is Patriarchal -Get Over It – This article explains the foundations of society in patriarchy and the roots of Christianity.

Mel Gibson and the Problem of Pain – In the Film and Television section, this article tells the story of my involvement with Gibson’s film Passion of the Christ.

UFO’s – Another Theory – In the Culture and Politics section, this article explores and explains a new theory for the UFO phenomenon.

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