The fifth video from the Center for Medical Progress outlines in more gruesome detail exactly what is going on in Planned Parenthood Slaughterhouse.

Now there is simply no excuse.

There is no place for Cecile Richards, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and other supporters to hide.

This issue is not about women’s right to choose. This is not about a right wing attack on women.

Nor is this story simply about whether it is ethical or not to use tissue from dead people for medical research.

It is about a concerted, cynical and profiteering attack on millions of unborn children.

I have explained what it is really about here.

The latest video shows that the highest ranking Planned Parenthood officials know that the directors of their affiliates intentionally alter abortion procedures to secure baby body parts that are intact.

They know that they do so to make a profit.

Furthermore, should a child be delivered whole, what was hinted in last week’s video is confirmed in this week’s: an intact “fetal cadaver” is the most prized “line item” on the menu.

What is implied this week–and will probably be made explicit next week–is that the abortion is manipulated in such a way that a “completely intact” baby is available for research.

Furthermore, the doctors performing the abortion often take the “fully intact” fetus away for their own “research.”

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