You don’t have to be a mystical, supernatural prophet to see the future. If is possible to simply read the signs of the times.

While most of the future remains unpredictable, it is possible to see where things are going and make some fairly accurate predictions.

One of these concerns the human population. Every indication is that the human population will soon reach a crisis called “The Demographic Winter”. Basically, when the birth rate of a population falls to a critical stage it is no longer able to replenish itself. Put simply, there are not enough breeding couples to replace the number of people dying.

While some folks continue to prognosticate pessimistically about over population, in fact the opposite problem is facing humanity. This is just one website discussing the problem.

What’s causing the problem? The causes are complex and numerous. Here’s some:

  • Fewer people getting married
  • Women choosing to delay child bearing
  • Falling sperm count in men
  • Couples choosing affluence over large families
  • The “dream” of happiness being a big house, double income and 2.5 children
  • Artificial Contraceptives
  • Abortion

What will be the consequences of our choices? The demographic winter will mean:

  • More old people
  • Strain on health care services
  • Euthanasia
  • Labor shortage
  • Higher wages making everything more expensive
  • Immigrants not a problem. We will compete for immigrants

What will be the impact on the Catholic Church?

  • parish schools will be replaced by parish old people’s homes
  • shortage of young priests and religious
  • more priests imported from developing world
  • cultural and ethnic shift in American Catholic Church
  • Continued growth and power of Church in Africa
  • Increased conservatism in the Church (old people are more conservative)

It does not take an expert philosopher to see that we will soon be experiencing the consequences of our choices. We have chosen prosperity, pleasure and power, and we will reap poverty, pain and impotence.

It may be that our race will not self destruct with a nuclear war, but will simply fade away as the result of immature, wicked and short sighted strategies.

T.S.Eliot summed it up in his poem Hollow Men – This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.