Mystery of the Magi

Were the Magi from Persia?

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One of the most interesting aspects of the Magi story is how we got it wrong for so long. Most people (if they think the Magi were historical at all) assume they were Persian wizards. They assume this because Matthew uses the word "magoi" to speak of the wise men. The word "magoi" is a Persian [...]

Who Were the Magi?

2017-10-17T08:48:21-04:00October 17th, 2017|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

My new book Mystery of the Magi-The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men will be published on November 6. This is a departure for me because the book is published by a non-Catholic publisher in their history division. In other words, it is not specifically Catholic for a Catholic audience. It is intended to reach [...]

The Magi and the Historicity of Matthew

2017-10-07T10:51:46-04:00October 7th, 2017|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

Anybody who has taken New Testament 101 will know that the liberal Bible scholars have dissected the gospels like vultures picking over a corpse. I mustn't be too harsh. The literary, form and historical critics of the gospels have contributed a lot to our knowledge of the sacred Scriptures. However, they have often worked from materialist [...]


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