Strangely at One With the Stone and the Glass

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PENTAX Image My first visit to a Benedictine monastery was while I was a student at Oxford. I travelled down on the train first to Reading and then to the little station of Woolhampton, and set out to hike the mile or so up the hill following the old sign that pointed, "To the [...]

From the Old Red Book

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Here is a beautiful and mystical hymn/poem by the Victorian convert F.W.Faber. As all good hymns should do it blends deep theology, sublime worship and radiant insights. Amid the eternal silences God's endless Word was spoken none heard but He who always spake and the silence was unbroken. Oh marvelous! Oh Worshipful! No song or sound is heard, [...]

For May and Mary

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May Magnificat by G.M.Hopkins MAY is Mary’s month, and I Muse at that and wonder why: Her feasts follow reason, Dated due to season— Candlemas, Lady Day; But the Lady Month, May, Why fasten that upon her, With a feasting in her honour? Is it only its being brighter Than the most are must delight her? [...]


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