Body Painting Event in NYC

Body Painting Event in NYC

Last week while wasting time on the internet I came across the weird event of public body painting. You can read about it here, but be warned there are some images of partial nudity.

What happened was a group of New Yorkers volunteered to strip naked and have their bodies painted.

Quite apart from the public nudity, what struck me as bizarre was how visibly our society is drifting into a kind of primitivism.

It hit me first some years ago when I was in a seaside town in Britain on a summer afternoon. A guy in his early twenties had strolled up from the beach. His nose was pierced with a big ring in it. His ears had large discs. He wore a Mohican style haircut, had tattoos across his face, arms and back and was wearing nothing but a tiny swimsuit.

All he needed was a spear or a bow and arrow to complete the savage jungle look.

Then I came across the behaviors at arts events and concerts. The heavy beat of the jungle drums is deafening. Like primitive savages the kids are half naked, painting their faces, altering their consciousness with drugs and repetitious, wild trance inducing dancing. It’s jungle time!

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