quizzicalDid you know that those posts about Ten Amazing Things you should know are not really about the ten things?!

Here are ten things you should know about posts about ten things:

1. The Website posting them sells advertising.

2. The number of readers they have is measured by page views.

3. The more page views they have the more people might see advertising

4. They charge more for the advertising if they have a lot of page views

5. If you click through to see all ten of the “child movies stars who grew up to be ugly” you increase their page views by ten

6. They lure you in with a tantalizing headline like, “You won’t believe what happened next in this amazing video of a two year old falling down the steps!!”

7. At the end of each page they get you to click to the next page to get even more page views.

8. Posts that tell you ten things you really, really have to know are in fact, only about the advertising.

9. When you read any kind of blog post or article on line enticing you to click to the next page this is what they are doing.

10. Click here to continue reading…


Image Lee Haywood via Flickr