4659606160_3751452106_bPro life warriors are right to continue to campaign for the repeal of the disastrous Roe v Wade decision. I don’t think the government should try to solve all our problems, and the local community is the first place to get things sorted out, but there are some actions the government–at both the state and federal levels–could take to help eradicate abortion:

  1. Streamline Adoption – Why is adoption so darned expensive? I know families who have had to pay $50,000 in legal fees to process an adoption. This is crazy. This legal process could be streamlined and made far less expensive.
  2. Subsidize Adoption – Offer grants for the adoption legal fees and offer extra tax breaks to families who adopt.
  3. Empower Overseas Adoption Let there be a State Department agency that facilitates adoptions from overseas.
  4. Embed Adoption in Refugee Programs Empower individual American families to foster and adopt orphaned refugee children. Hey, they’re unlikely to be terrorists, and we would be helping with the refugee crisis in a positive way.
  5. Direct Funding to Programs That Assist Single Mothers Local programs that help single moms with housing, childcare, pastoral support and community assistance could use funding assistance.
  6. Encourage Marriage Use tax breaks and assistance programs to help young families who are tempted by pressures of poverty to choose abortion.
  7. Make Childbirth Free – It costs a lot just to go to the hospital and give birth. Make insurance companies or hospitals cover all childbirth costs.
  8. Subsidize Children’s Health Care – Use tax dollars to underwrite child health care up to age eighteen. We already pay for education for kids, why not health care?
  9. Support Local Women’s Support Initiatives – Rather than throw millions to Planned  No-Parenthood use the dollars to support local agencies and charities that help women in crisis pregnancies to keep their kids.
  10. Shut Down PP – Crack down on the for profit abortion mills. Planned No-Parenthood pretends to be a non profit but former PP workers say it has quotas for abortions and charges huge mark ups for their services. If any other “charity” was so abusive of their non profit status they’d be shut down.

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