At the end of January I experienced a slight stroke. I had been having some back pains, and when I was getting dressed in the morning I felt dizzy and my left leg went out from under me. I went to church and said Mass that morning, and at my desk fell asleep twice. Not daunted ( foolishly). I drove a half hour that afternoon to keep an appointment with my confessor. Getting up from his sofa I took another tumble and driving home felt my left hand slipping off the wheel. Exhausted, I went to bed and woke up a few hours later still disoriented. My wife took me to the hospital where a stroke was confirmed. Now, just about two months later I’m feeling much more fit.

I have never had ill health of any kind, so what have I learned through this experience?

  1. Don’t take good health for granted. It can go quickly.
  2. Thank God for good health and thank the Lord it wasn’t worse
  3. Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return. If you’re not right with God, get right.
  4. There are lots of people who love you. The support and prayers have been wonderful.
  5. Be patient with your body if it is letting you down. Take it easy and let God do his work.
  6. Physical weakness can be a catalyst for spiritual strength. Pray more.
  7. Take each day and moment at a time. God is present right here. Right now. Remember the “sacrament of the present moment.”
  8. It’s okay to slow down. In fact it is necessary to slow down. Our modern life is crazy hectic
  9. Be sympathetic to those with poor health and the elderly.
  10. Life is sweet and life is short. Treasure the gift of life and use it wisely.

I’m sorry if these ten lessons are obvious or sentimental in nature. Knowing them in theory and having them hammered home through experience are very different.