Who’s directing whom?

Ruth Gledhill of The Times of London gets to the heart of the matter in the communique from the Anglican Primates meeting in Tanzania. Despite the gooey language, the Anglican Communion has rapped the knuckles of the Episcopal Church and called for action. Gledhill’s article includes the whole communique.

I have to hand it to them, the Anglicans have a genius for holding things together. They are like a group of sailors bailing desperately on a leaky boat. Is it that, or is it like one of those slapstick films where the old guy has one foot on the dock and one foot on a boat that’s drifting away? I hope for their sake they can hang on long enough for some new alliances to be made and for some sort of new worldwide Anglican identity to emerge.

What this will be only the Shadow knows. I predict that it will be a loose-knit alliance of independent denominations and geographical provinces that share nothing but a liturgical history and a charming appreciation of English culture. Their understanding of what Christianity really is, and how it is to be lived in the 21st century will range from rootin’ tootin’ fundamentalism to decadent neo-paganism.

May the best man win.