It’s no wonder that the pro abortionists have hit back during this month of January. Its the anniversary of Roe v Wade, it’s the March for Life. It’s the Day of Prayer for the Unborn.

Satan bites back.

Social media is  is aflame  with pro life outcry against the law makers in New York, Virginia and other states where Democrats are seeking to push back against an increasing number of state legislatures that are enacting more and more restrictions on abortion.

The pro-aborts are fighting an incoming tide. Medical advances mean premature babies are able to survive at earlier and earlier stages. Ultrasound reveals the startling lives of the unborn and how advanced they are. Social media and increasingly expert pro life communicators are getting the message across about the barbarity of late term abortion and the threat of another conservative Supreme Court justice have them running scared.

So what do they do? They double down. They push for ever more extreme “choices”.  I know it’s a tired refrain, but this is like the last surge of genocide at the end of Second World War. When the Nazis knew the game was over did they throw open the gates of the concentration camps? No. They geared up and tried to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible.

Happily, this push of the pro aborts is turning out to be counter productive. America is finally realizing the horror of abortion. Eyes are being opened as they were finally opened over slavery and segregation, and the time is coming when abortionists and pro abortion politicians will be viewed with the same disgust as slave owners and segregationists were.

But why are they themselves so blind to the horror?

I remember when I was studying scriptwriting. The teacher said, “To create a believable villain you must put yourself into his shoes and understand that he really believes what he is doing is good. Nobody gets up in the morning saying, ‘What can I do today that is really, really wicked?’ Not even Darth Vader.”

I do not exonerate or excuse abortionist and abortion advocates. Some, of course, are in it for the votes or for the money, but the most passionate and vocal really do believe they are helping women. They honestly believe that, for women to advance, they must have complete control of their reproductive capabilities and this MUST include total access to abortion. They really do believe that the patriarchal system wants them to be enslaved to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

This is therefore driven by an ideology. An ideology is an overwhelming belief to which every other action and decision must be subjugated–even if that position is irrational, cruel or even murderous.

Not only must every action and decision be subjugated to the ideology, but so must every other human being. This is why every ideology–whether it is religious, political, social or economic–will eventually kill. Even if the ideology’s slaves do not shed blood they would shed blood if necessary, and the blood that is shed will always be the blood of the innocent. It may be the multitudes starved by Stalin, the bodies piled up like cordwood in Auschwitz, the skulls of Cambodia’s killing fields or the rivers of blood shed by Mao, but there will be blood.

The greatest irony is that most worldly ideologies are utilitarian in nature. Utilitarianism is that materialistic philosophy which seeks only to make this world a better place because the utilitarian does not actually believe there is any other place. The utilitarian does not believe in heaven so he must make heaven here on earth, and in doing so he is willing to make life hell here on earth for anyone who stands in his way.

Every utilitarian system has sought to make life better for the largest number of people and has ended up making life worse for the largest number of people, but like every other insanity, when it fails they do not question the ideology. They conclude that the reason it failed was because they did not have enough of whatever miracle solution they were advocating.

This mentality is like putting orange juice in the tank of your car and when the car doesn’t run you conclude that you obviously didn’t put enough orange juice in the car so you open the trunk and fill that with orange juice too.

Think about where this goes. There is a chilling logic to it all.

Utilitarianism is materialistic. The follower of a utilitarian ideology does not believe in heaven or hell. He believes at the end of their life there is simply the train pulling into the station and the lights go out. That’s all.

If this is the case, then there is not only no hell to pay for the genocidal maniac, neither is there heaven or hell or anything else for the person who stands in his way. Therefore that person may be used as a political pawn, as a cipher, a vote to be won or a mob member to be enflamed. In the end that person is disposable. He may be eliminated. He is no longer useful. He may be tossed aside, and if he will not go peacefully he must be removed.

And if that person is eliminated, so what? It is no more significant than exterminating a rodent or pulling a weed.

Belloc said “Every argument is a theological argument” and so it is. This inflamed debate about abortion is really about the eternal worth of each human being, and if that is the case then it is also about whether or not a human being is an eternal soul, and that question is dependent on whether or not one believes in an eternal dimension at all, and now we are talking about God.

When it is all reduced to the essentials, this debate is about atheism. An atheistic, secular state will forcibly kill its own citizens. The twentieth century is witness to this, and the lawmakers in America who vote to eliminate the useless unborn are part of the same atheistic, secular, utilitarian ideologies to which we look back in horror.