Thanks to Onetimothyfour for a link to this one: English readers will be mightily aware of the beyond parody liberalism of the main Catholic British weekly called The Tablet (otherwise known as ‘The Bitter Pill’) For a sample of the looniness of their views check out this editorial on the family.

It reports that studies show the worst thing for a child is to grow up without a father. It admits that cohabitation is more unstable than marriage. It admits that the government throwing money at single mothers only creates another generation of single mothers and thus a burgeoning society of bastards. But what is the problem? It’s men.
Men, you see, are unwilling to ‘adapt’ to the changing roles of women. Conservative calls to a return to a traditional family structure are called ‘unrealistic’. Catholic calls for faithfulness to the church’s teaching (i.e. no contraceptives) are ‘demeaning to women.’ Instead men are supposed to adapt to changing women’s roles.
The ironic thing is that this is exactly what men have been doing. The women started going out to work. They started competing with the men. They started bossing the men around and being butch in all sorts of ways. So the men adapted. They took off. They opted out. They started being attracted to guys instead. They started to sleep around. They didn’t want to commit to this kind of self contained woman who said she wanted marriage, but also wanted her independence.
What kind of kooks are these Tabletistas? Chattering feminists with too much time on their hands. Not only is their liberalism loony, but it is patronizing to the poor who they pretend to respect and fight for. What they really mean is that men are supposed to spoil them even more, indulge their little feminist whims, kow tow to their ideologies, be bullied by their emotional swings and march behind their bandwagon. Then they expect working class women, who are struggling to hold a family together to jump on the essentially educated middle class feminist bandwagon too.
No wonder the fellows (and the working class women too for that matter) have opted out.