Thomas Peters posts excerpts from an astounding blog written by a female abortionist. She describes her feelings as she is dismembering second trimester fetus, and her own child kicks in the womb just as she is removing a tiny leg she has just pulled off. It is sickening reading, and not for the squeamish. You can read it here if you have the courage.

If you go to this woman’s blog you can read the whole article in which she rather calmly discusses the ‘violence’ of abortion, the specific gruesome details of second trimester abortions and the ‘conflicts this might create’ for the women’s movement which, as she claims, is a non violent and peaceful movement.

It reads like the dispassionate records of doctors in Nazi deathcamps as they described the results of the ‘medical experiementation’ tortures they inflicted on their victims. “Yes, zis vas quite interesting to observe ze sensations of pain as we castrated zis fourteen year old boy. Zis vas quite fascinating to observe ze slowness of reactions as zis woman vas held under freezing vater for sirty minutes at a time, and say Hans, vat do you sink of zis razzer nice lampshade ve haff made from ze skin of Jews? It reflects ze light razzer nicely don’t you sink?”