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Four articles are loaded into the archived articles section of the blog today.

Of Other Worlds – I believe in…the Creator of Heaven and Earth – This is chapter three of my book The Quest for the Creed. This is the favorite of my books, and I’m loading it up chapter by chapter so that Donor Subscribers will be able to have the whole book here in electronic form in due time.

Two Films by Robert Bolt – This is a review The Mission and the Man for All Seasons–both written be British playwright Robert Bolt. Fantastic films but written by an agnostic. The article considers the irony of the writer’s lack of faith and producing two of the greatest Catholic film scripts.

Nuns or Nones – The phenomenon of fewer people making real religious commitments along with the decline of older religious orders but the rise of new ones with young vocations.

Lewis and Eliot – Reluctant Allies – C.S. Lewis the traditional “romantic” vs. T.S.Eliot the arch modernist: They were not best of friends at first, but eventually came to respect one another because of their shared faith. This is posted in “The Inklings and Friends” category.

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