The full length version of the eighth episode of my analysis of John Allen’s The Future Church is now posted here on the blog for Donor Subscribers. The abridged version which is free for all will be available at BreadBox Media on Tuesday.

This episode digs into the phenomenal growth of Pentecostalism around the globe. Mobile, emotional, powerful in its social impact and promising a direct experience of the Holy Spirit, Pentecostalism is a direct reaction against the secular, non-supernatural, theology of the modernists. I’m fascinated by the growth and impact of Pentecostalism because it is not only a reaction to the dull, elitist intellectualism of the liberals–it is also a grass roots, people based movement that is a kind of religious revolution.

The reason I have recorded these podcasts is so ordinary Catholics who are bewildered and confused by what is going on in the church will be able to get a global picture of the whole Christian church in our century.

I encourage you to listen to this series and share it with friends. It really is important and I will not only be pushing the podcasts, but will be writing more on these topics in the weeks to come here on the blog.

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