We think prayer is asking God for something. That’s OK, but there’s more to it than that. Prayer is like a hyperlink to the life of the love of God.

The rosary takes us right down deep into the mystery of the incarnation in a way too deep for explanation. My Protestant friends have trouble understanding it, and I have trouble explaining it, and end up using the language of love.

Let’s say you’re in love with a beautiful girl and some left brain analytical intellectual says, “Can you explain to me this strange phenomenon you call ‘love’?”

You sputter for words and end up waving your arms in helpless abandon. “Ah!” says the snooty intellectual, ” Just as I thought, it is nothing but a figment of your imagination…”

The rosary’s like that. It connects you with the mysteries in a way too deep for words, so I wind up saying to my doubting friends, “Well, just try it and see. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt you!”

When I was first on the road to Rome the rosary had a healing effect in my life. You can read about it in this article on my website if you’re interested.