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Today’s articles are:

The Healing Mysteries – This article was one of the first times I began to outline my theory of praying the rosary for inner healing. It eventually evolved into the book of that name.

Doubts, Difficulties and Disobedience – People often feel guilty for questioning their faith, but this article explains the difference between doubts and difficulties

Agony and AgnosticismHe suffered under Pontius Pilate – Donor Subscribers are able to read my book The Quest for the Creed as I upload it chapter by chapter to the Archived Articles section. This is chapter seven. For those who are unaware, The Quest for the Creed is a Chestertonian exploration of the Apostle’s Creed-one chapter per phrase of the creed. Go here to learn more about the book or be a Donor Subscriber and read it in installments.

The Tyranny of Tenderness – Flannery O’Connor famously quipped, “Tenderness leads to the gas chambers” This article explains why and examines the phenomenon that I call “crybaby bullies.”

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