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The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King – is the amazing story of King James III –the rightful king of England who gave up the throne rather than deny his Catholic faith. You have to read this one!

Arians, Apollinarians and One Eyed Pirates – This is chapter five of my book The Quest for the Creed. This is one of my favorite books. It is twenty short chapters on the Apostles Creed. Donor Subscribers will eventually have the whole book here in this section of the blog. I’m loading it chapter by chapter as I publish these collections of posts.

Everything Belongs to You: From Bob Jones University to the Catholic Faith – This is my conversion story. Lots of people have asked to read it, and it has been published in various places over the years in different forms. This is one which was published in the Surprised by Truth series.

Resurrection at Walsingham – This article tells the story of the shrine of Walsingham in England. It tells how it started, how it was destroyed by Henry VIII’s henchman Cromwell and how it has come back to life in recent times.

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