A few years ago I was determined to do more to explore Benedictine spirituality through a new blog called Suburban Hermit.

I got the blog up and running and I enjoyed it and got good feedback. There were lots of cool pictures of monasteries and monks and regular content on the rule and on monastic spirituality.

However, I got busy and the Suburban Hermit went silent–which I suppose hermits are supposed to do!

Then when I consolidated my blogs Suburban Hermit got included on this new blog website.

Today a new post is there in the Suburban Hermit section. Today’s Suburban Hermit blog post is about the virtue of obedience and why that fading virtue might have something to do with the lack of priestly vocations. Go here to read the post.

I hope you enjoy Suburban Hermit. In the weeks ahead I’m hoping to do more blogging there to expand this aspect of the blog.

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