Last Fall we went through the process of setting up this new blog website. It became the first call and main location for my blog. I still blog occasionally at Patheos and there is a lot of archived material there from ten years of blogging!

We also moved my blog on Benedictine spirituality over here. All the archived Suburban Hermit content is now here and is part of the “Archived Articles” section of the blog which is reserved for Donor Subscribers.

Access this material is by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page.

For these first few months I have not added new posts to the Suburban Hermit blog, but it is my ambition to boost this aspect of the blog now on a regular basis.

For those who have not visited Suburban Hermit, it is a place designed to inspire calm and aid reflection and prayer. I want it to be a little bit like entering a monastic cloister, so there are beautiful pictures of monasteries and monastic life as well as pithy sayings from a character called “Old Monk”, reflections on the Rule of St Benedict, articles on prayer and spirituality.

Most of the material will be within the area restricted to Donor Subscribers, but I’ll be posting some stuff here on the public pages as well so that the Suburban Hermit material can help bring a good influence to this main blog-website page.

Thanks to all who have given their comments and support in the establishment of this new blog-website. The blog continues to reach a wide audience worldwide, so thanks for your help!

I hope you enjoy what is delivered here and I’m always happy to receive feedback from readers.