cleansing the templeThe story of the cleansing of the temple has always invigorated and inspired me.

I think it’s because of my dislike of the gentle Jesus meek and mild with pretty robes, combed hair and a little lambkin on his shoulder.

Table turning Jesus is more like the avenging angel in one of those early Clint Eastwood movies. There he stands, squinty eyed and chomping on a cheroot–eyeing up the hypocrites and figuring out his next move.

Getting his plan organized in his head he rolls up his sleeves and pulls out his whip and gets down to business.

When he starts turning the tables he’s got some muscle he’s the man of action–not some effeminate hippie.

This is why I like reading Mark’s gospel during Lent. In that gospel especially Jesus comes across as a warrior. There’s no nonsense about him and there is certainly no weakness. Right from the start he is on a mission from God and he goes through life like a hot knife through butter. He knows exactly what he is about and there is no stopping him. Go here to follow my Lenten Bible study of Marks’ Gospel.

When it comes to the cleansing of the temple we so often think that this story is only about Jesus cleaning up the hypocrisy and financial corruption. Yes, but.

There’s more to it than that. Continue Reading

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