Fr Z. has a great post with two show stopping videos. It’s all about the extremes you can fall into when you disembark from the Barque of Peter. One is a video that has been making the rounds of an extreme left wing Catholic group celebrating Mass with oversized puppets and old ladies doing liturgical dance. The other is of an anti-pope in Spain experiencing a vision of Jesus. He (and his minions) are dressed in the most over the top traditionalist gear, and are in what looks like a beautiful old Catholic Church.

What tickles me about these videos is that the extremists shown are only extreme in the outward expression of their independent religious views. The people in the videos have obviously gone off the deep end–following what is right in their own eyes.

However, philosophically they are no different from any individual or group who have intentionally departed from full communion with the Holy Father to do their own thing. The other schismatics and heretics might seem more sane and spiritual and sweet and nice, but that too is merely the outward appearance.