Four archived articles are uploaded today from the various sources I have written for over the years.

These articles are reserved for Donor Subscribers at the Premium level of support and above. The archived articles section of the blog continues to grow with these regular uploads across a range of topics. Today’s articles include Chapter Sixteen from my book The Quest for the Creed. This book consists of twenty short chapters on each phrase of the Apostles’ Creed written in a Chestertonian stand on your head style. There are only four chapters to go before the whole book will be available here at the site to download for Donor Subscribers. The other three articles are a longish article on the history of the women’s ordination debate in the Anglican and Catholic Churches, a review of Walker Percy’s Thanatos Syndrome and the first of a series I wrote for Catholic Digest on Biblical history.

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Here are the new articles:

A Congenial Genocide – A review of Walker Percy’s novel The Thanatos Syndrome with a comparison to C.S.Lewis’ That Hideous Strength

The Universal Corner Shop – The One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – Chapter Sixteen from The Quest for the Creed.

The Bible: History or Mystery? – The first in a series written for Catholic Digest on evidence for the historical accuracy of the Bible. The other articles will follow.

Catholic Women Priests – Can There Be a Discussion? – a history of the debate on women’s ordination to the priesthood first published by Catholic World Report.