The murder of unborn baby girls in Britain is in the news this week, and this female columnist is shocked and horrified. Yet, in the middle of the article she clings stubbornly to the Clinton creed about abortion wanting it to be “safe, legal and rare.”

The simple fact is that although abortion might be legal it is not rare nor is it safe, for even if it does not harm the woman physically it harms here psychologically, and it is certainly not ‘safe’ for the child be yanked from its mother’s womb.

The article in the Telegraph reveals how much the pro aborts are running scared. The writer sees where abortion on demand has led. She is shocked by the proliferation of abortion and is dismayed that it is used a form of contraception.

It would be nice to think that the gradual revelation of the facts of abortion and the abuses of abortion will convert more and more people to the pro life side, and I believe this is happening, but we must also recognize that an increasing number of pro aborts will admit that abortion is killing, and will simply say, “So what?”

This is the real end game of the abortion debate: that ordinary human beings will kill the innocent with no qualms. They will do so as a matter of convenience or more often because they are paid to do so.

In our own country we actually have a president who not only voted for infanticide, but argued aggressively for it when he was an Illinois lawmaker. He has neither publicly owned up to this shocking scandal nor sought to distance himself from his decision. Every  policy and appointment he has made has, in some way, supported his “a baby is a punishment” mindset.

Then we must face the fact that we elected him, and we will probably do so again.