For all the latest news and intelligent comment we go now to our guest blogger, MSM journalist, Todd Unctuous.
Yesterday in Germany, which is a country in Europe, President Barack Obama paid a courageous visit to a concentration camp where millions of innocent people were killed by a ruthless regime. Laying a single white rose on a memorial stone, the President was solemn as he paid tribute to the millions who were killed by a regime that sanctioned murder.
This brave and courageous man who had a relative who was involved in the second world war said, “It is a callous and cruel government that sanctions the murder of millions of innocent people.” He’s right, and what really makes me think twice is the realization that Adolph Hitler and his Nazi henchmen were actually elected by the German people. Millions of Germans stood idly by as mass murder took place. What a terrible thing mass murder is, and Barack Obama is a courageous and noble leader because he has the guts to stand up against mass murder of innocent people.
He is the same man who has stood up to the Pope in Rome, who has sentenced millions to death in Africa because he is against the use of condoms. Barack Obama is for the African people. He is for the down trodden. He wants to empower the powerless. He is for women. This is why he has also been such a brave and staunch defender of the right of women to have reproductive health care. This is why he has signed a bill into law which funds free access to the termination of pregnancies for women in the third world.
As a result of this courageous move millions of children from poor and racially subnormal families will never have to endure the terrible lives they would no doubt lead. Through his courageous advocacy of reproductive choice he too has followed in the footsteps of courageous leaders of the past who have gone before him who have taken the courageous choice to solve the problem of inferior people making the world a bad place.
Like Margaret Sanger and the German leaders of old, our own President has had the courage to make tough choices. He has seen the problem, and it is too many poor, socially inferior children being born. He has taken the decision to help solve the problem, and he has had the insight to find a final solution.
Todd Unctuous is forty two.
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