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 The people of Egypt have been oppressed long enough by the cruel dictator Hosni Mubarak. At last the ordinary men and women are rising up to claim their rights as citizens of Egypt and citizens of the free world. It is no surprise to discover that this dictator has been propped up by the oil thirsty, profit grabbing right wing regime of the Bush family over the years.

“Let the people of Egypt starve–as long as we can have cheap oil!” is the cry of the tea party activists. Now at last the noble sons and daughters of King Tut and the other pharaohs who built the pyramids are claiming their own legacy of freedom. They are shaking off the chains of oppression and will soon be able to elect their own leaders, who will be able to lead them. As the BeeGees once sang, “We will overcome!” There is a future for Egypt. As Judy Garland always sang so poignantly, it is ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

What is over the Rainbow? What does the future hold for the huddled masses yearning to breathe free in Egypt? The main thing to remember is that they themselves must be the masters (and mistresses) of their destiny. Many in the West fear that Egypt will become another Iran and that Muslim extremists may take over the country. I myself, do not fear such a result. We must remember that the terrorists are only responding to attacks on their own homelands by armed aggressors. This is not to excuse their tactics, for what they do is inexcusable. Sending young men on airliners with bombs in their underpants is an act of desperation. No, these terrorists are no real threat. If we enter into dialogue with them surely common sense will prevail and they will see that we wish them nothing but peace. In fact, as it is commonly known, Islam is a religion of peace, and if the negotiators like Hilary Clinton can help them to understand their own faith better I see no reason why (as John Denver once sang) we can’t “give peace a chance.”

This is not to dismiss the reality that in the Middle East religion is a subject of importance for many people. I am not myself a religious man, but I do respect people like Mahatma Gandhi, the Rev. Joel Osteen and Vice President Joe Biden who have a strong faith. In the Middle East there are religious fanatics to be sure, but are the Muslims really the villains? I look to the radical Jews of the Zionist state of Israel. Surely with their well financed military machine they are the real threat in the region? I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the fantastically wealthy Jewish banking families are supporting the Jewish state who keep oppressing the Palestinian people. Finally, we must ask who is in a secret alliance with these groups?

Any sensible person must lay the blame at the doorstep of the Vatican city. Who can forget the pictures of Pope Pius XIII meeting with Hitler, who so mercilessly slaughtered so many innocent Jews? The present Pope, who was a member of the Hitler youth must also be part of the plot against the Jews, who have done nothing more than ask for their own homeland after centuries of persecution. The Vatican Bank, corrupt for many years, is one of the groups that is funding Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, trying to undermine the Islamic religion by portraying it as extremist.

This must be defeated at all costs, and the benevolent rule of Hosni Mubarak and his team of dedicated ministers must be upheld. This is important to us to protect our vital interests in the region, and to bring stability and peace to an area of the world that will always be troubled as long as religion–which always breeds bigotry and violence–reigns supreme in that troubled land.

Todd Unctous is forty two. 

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