This latest opinion piece from our MSM reporter Todd Unctuous:

 For those of you have been concentrating on really important issues like Madonna’s compassionate attempt to rescue another African baby, there has been a storm brewing at America’s most famous Catholic college.

The ‘Fighting Irish’ (and a few Italians too!) have made a serious publicity coup by getting none other than President Barack Obama to speak at their commencement ceremony. President Obama, who was elected in a historic election last fall in November, is the first black man to assume the role of Catholic John F. Kennedy as a young man with a wife and two children in the White House. Already he is being compared to F.D.R. the man who brought America out of a recession and into the second world war. Already he is being compared to Abraham Lincoln who took America out of recession and into a civil war.
This great man, who many are already saying should have his place on Mount Rushmore, has agreed to speak at Notre Dame and there are a few ‘Catholics’ who are objecting. Those who are objecting are a minority branch of the Catholic Church. Right wing ideologues with a conservative agenda, this is a small, but vocal group of mostly home schooled white people. Most of the girls have buck teeth and long skirts, while the boys wear white shirts and ties and have short military style haircuts. These are the out of date Catholics who are criticizing the Obama visit, and many people are saying they are just bad losers because they all voted for Sarah ‘let’s shoot the wolves’ Palin.

But at last someone is speaking common sense about the storm in a teacup at Notre Dame University. Not all Catholics are the ignorant sort who ran the Inquisition and tried to burn Galileo at the stake. Father Thomas Reese SJ, who is a member of the ancient order called the Society of Jesuits, (in the Middle Ages they were called ‘God’s Dogs’) spoke out courageously. He says there is no reason why our new President should not be invited to Notre Dame University because he has never personally chosen to have an abortion. Fr. Reese puts his excellent arguments here. He also points out that Cardinal Egan once invited Obama to be an after dinner speaker but did not give him an honorary doctorate, and Fr. Reese can’t see the difference.

No doubt common sense will prevail. When will those arch conservative Catholics (the same ones who think Pope Nazi Ratzi is great) learn that universities are supposed to be places of learning and how can you learn anything if you are not open minded enough to listen to people who disagree with you?
I say, “Go Fighting Irish” and may the Force be With You.